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frre &non free services

Free services

Delivery of a simple custom rectangular table 70 * 70, every 16 meters

Two simple custom chairs for the exhibition, every 16 meters

Covering the entire exhibition space under fire insurance

Separation of booths by wall & panel or partition according to the custom of the exhibition

Conventional electricity supply of the hall, cooling & heating system

Providing specialized advice & training to participants & staff present at the booth

Non-free services

-Book plane tickets -Equipment inside the booth -

Design and booth construction

-Hotel and accommodation reservation

-Providing a car with & without a driver -Providing exhibitors, hosts & translators

-Photography & documentation as a publication

-VIP and CIP formalities from the hotel to the accommodation and exhibition

-Planning and coordination for the use of recreation and entertainment on the island


-Using a sports club with a ceiling of 500 thousand Tomans (for every 40 square meters of one of the people present in the booth)

-15% discount on plane tickets based on the approved rate for every 20 meters of booth space for one person

-Attend specialized seminars for free for every 20 meters for two people

-15 to 25 percent discount for 2 to 5 star hotels for every 20 meters of booth space

-Transfer from the hotel to the exhibition venue and vice versa

-Free daily catering for booths 60 meters and above



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